Friday, July 18, 2008

Hudson v. Lowe 7-9-08

Huddy v. Lowe always promises to be a great match up. Lowe took a perfect game intot the 7th and got a standing ovation once he finally gave up a hit. To me there is nothing better then a pitching duel!
I was happy we won but sad for Tim.

Avery Rose and Madyson

Corky Miller, Jo-Jo Reyes, and Tommy Glavine.

Tim and Brian

Tim and Brian

Huddy and Corky Miller

Tim and Corky

Huddy warming up.




The guys in our bullpen.

Madyson and Avery Rose

Huddy and Chipper

James Loney

Huddy getting ready to deliver.


Huddy walking off the mound between innings.

D-Lowe up to bat.


Saito gets another save!

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