Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Russell and Kuroda warming up.
Eric Stults, Chan Ho Park, Danny Ardoin, Chad Billingsley.
Bob Schaefer, Joe Torre, Larry Bowa, and Mariano Duncan.
T-Rex broke up he no hitter in the 8th.

Kuroda kept on going without losing his momentum.
He got a standing ovation when he walked off the field in the 8th.

Berroa saves a hit.
Just a couple of more outs to go.

A one hitter with NO walks and NO errors. Awesome!!
Russell congratulating Kuroda

What?? We are tied for 1st place??

Kuroda being interviewed and translated after the game.
How awesome that the first game that I have been to in over a month was a complete game ONE hit shut out!!!
Kuroda was awesome!!! Blake was awesome as well!! 3 for 3 and he had that great play when he barehanded a bunt, and made the throw to first just in timefor the out!!
Berroa had an amazing play in the ninth too!
I am so happy that I didn't miss this game!!
I will post pictures soon.

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Falling LEAVes said...

Unlike me ... who decided to go to work instead of changing my shift ... and then predicted the complete game shut out ...