Thursday, July 17, 2008

The other side!!


Ethier signing some Winnie the Pooh bear.

Rick, Russell, and Chad making the walk.

The Braves dugout.

Frenchy and Huddy.


Matt Kemp


Russell taking a big swing!

Ethier on first

Torre giving the ball over to Cory Wade

Me and Hannah on Dodger Vision.

What's so funny??

Oh yeah, it is the drunk guy that ran out on the field and was break dancing!

Chipper Jones up to bat.

Chipper strikes out, again!!

Brian McCann high fiving Jeff after hitting one out of here!

Jeff up to bat.

Andre in the Dodgers dugout.


Jeff and the Braves celebrate their victory.

I took this picture of Jeff for Christina!

No I am not a traitor but I did go over to the OTHER side this evening! Only the third time that I ever crossed over. The other two times were for Jake Peavy and Greg Maddux. This time it was for Tim Hudson! Since he wasn't pitching I was determined to get him to sign my shirt. Yes, I own a Hudson shirt. He did sign my shirt and we talked for a while. Real nice guy and he even posed while I took a picture of him. I was looking forward to the Braves coming in town all year. I have always been a big fan of Huddy, T-Rex and Francoeur.

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