Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hey, what gives??

I am in Europe and the Dodgers were supposed to go on a big winning streak because of that and for some reason they are not!! What is it going to take??
Avery Rose and I really miss Raffy right about now!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 4

Olivia and Hannah

Broxton and Beimel


Danny Ardoin - the new backup catcher!


Ardoin and Jason Schmidt - remember him??

Rick Honeycutt

Russell Martin

Martin gearing up

Kershaw warming up

Garlic Fries

Pierre and DeWitt


Fight Night at Dodger Stadium! June 3

Tommy Lasorda


Kemp starts a fight with Torrealba

Both benches clear

I love the hats and ball on the ground

The bullpens even emptied!

Pierre pulls Kemp from the maddness!

Takes him for a walk

Still walkingn him around

Shows over!

Kemp's going to be kicked out of the game!!

The umps have a conference.

Now they bring Torre in.

Changing the order.

Kemp and Ethier head back to the dugout after another loss.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May 25 Part 1

Avery Rose, Brody, and Aedan

Clayton stretching

Still stretching

Honeycutt talking with Kershaw

Stretching some more!

Let's begin the warm up



Hu and Martin



Maza, Kemp, and Tiffee

May 25 Part 2

Kemp warming up

Clayton Kershaw

Blake signing autographs

Kershaw and Honeycutt warming up in the bullpen

Torre and Shaeffer

Russell and Clayton

Russell, Rick, and Clayton

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton warming up on the mound