Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another fun game......Pirates 1 - Dodgers 8



Penny getting a broken bat out of the ground.

Handing off the broken bat.

Penny up to bat!

I think this is a cool picture!

Russell and Joe.

Loney gets a hit!

Is it me or does the Pirates catcher look like a Transformer??

Rafi getting out of the way.

Rafi Rocks!!

Wow!! I have never seen a crazier first inning!! Kemp getting away from that would be tag was awesome and the whole line up went to bat!!
I was bummed that Blake didn't start today because I just knew he was going to hit his first MLB home run tonight!! Oh, well! The good thing is that they sent Troncosco down and NOT Blake. Also, they rested Andre which bummed me out too. Didn't Torre know that was going to be there??
Oh, and yeah for Loney for getting a hit!!! That's a 15 game hitting streak!
FYI, The next Dodger game that I will be attending won't be until May 7 as I will be cruising around Europe.
Oh, and how weird was that when it appeared that none of the Dodgers knew that it was the 3rd out???

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