Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Penny vs. Peavy

OK, the first thing about tonights game. Avery Rose's birthday is Oct. 11 and for the past year and a half she has been asking to go to a Dodger game on her actual birthday with her best friend Madyson. I explained to her that October is the post season and the Dodgers have only played 3 games in that month in recent years. Besides, even if they did play Oct. 11 she probably wouldn't go anyway because grown ups would be using the tickets. SO, then it dawned on me that April 11 was her half birthday so I surprised her with this game. The best thing was that they were playing the Padres because she LOVES Randy Wolf. So, we went early so we could watch batting practice. Wolfie was very sweet with Avery Rose and even gave her and Madyson each a ball.
I landed up only taking pictures of batting practice and of the scoreboard message I bought for Avery Rose.
It was a great game even though we lost. It always impresses me to watch 2 great pitchers go at it. What I didn't know was that we would get revenge tomorrow night!!

Takashi Saito

Greg Maddux-He rocks!

Randy Wolf (5' 10") and Chris Young (6' 10")

Trevor Hoffman-He rocks too!

Avery Rose, Madyson, and Abbey at batting practice.

Wolfie saying hi to Avery Rose.
Elaine and Kirsten trying not to get hit by balls.
Avery Rose with her Wolfie ball.
Steve Lyons
Brad Penny waving to Avery, Madyson, and Abbey.
Avery's surprise scoreboard message!

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