Tuesday, April 15, 2008

D-Lowe ROCKS!!

Wow, this was a fun game. The first thing is winning by a score of 11-1 is always fun! Second, the company was fun too! I brought Hannah, Nick, and Zach. They got on Dodgervision a bunch and Hannah was the Islands "Fan of the Game". She got a t-shirt and a $25 gift card. Very fun!

Nick, Hannah, and Zach with Wes Parker

Hannah and Andy LaRoche

Nick and Zach on Dodgervision!!

Blake DeWitt. GO BLAKE!

Hannah-Islands Fan of the Game!!

Blake gets another hit!

It's a double!!

D was cracking up at something!!

Still laughing.

Hannah and me on Dodgervision. I love that you can see me taking a picture.

Zach and Hannah. Hannah has a popped smiley face beach ball on her head.

I took this picture by accident but I think it is kind of cool.

Kemp hit a homerun!

Yeah, Kemp!

Saito gets the last three outs.

Andre, Sweeney, and LaRoche

Torre giving Russell a high five.

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