Friday, May 22, 2009


Ok, so even though it looks like I have fallen, hit my head, and forgot that I have a Dodger Blog I really didn't.  I have just been busy watching games, getting a new laptop, etc....
The Dodgers are in first place of all the MLB!!  That is right ALL OF MLB!!
There have been some amazing games and since they have been doing well I have yet to be at a game when they lose.  I have seen O-Dog hit for the cycle, 2 walk off walks, a few extra inning games, Ryan Church missing third base, a couple of great pitching duels, and have got to hear Randy Newman's song "I love L.A." A LOT!!
I was supposed to go to the game tonight but that is not going to happen.  Bummer!  I will be there tomorrow night when Wolfie is pitching so that will be great!
Side note: I have tons of great pictures from opening day but I can't figure out to do a batch resize on my new Apple computer, so for now I will just post a few.
Here's to Kershaw throwing a great game tonight!!!!
Bye for now!

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