Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"I LOVE LA" Monday nights game

Penny, Martin, and Honeycutt.
I love the guy in the bottom right corner holding the gnome.

Matt Kemp

Brad Penny

Blake DeWitt


Luis Maza and Rafael Furcal.

Jeff Kent and Blake DeWitt

Blake up to bat earlier in the game.

Bottom of the ninth, score tied, bases loaded, one out, then Blake comes up to bat!!!

Almost hit by a pitch.

BASE HIT!! Blake wins the game!!!

Blake gets pounded!!

Woo Hoo!!!

A happy team!!

Blake waving to his fans!

I love when I get to hear that song after a Dodger game!! I also love to be at a great game!!
It is even cooler to come from behind and witness a walk-off!! To see Blake tie the game then go on to hit a walk-off base hit was a dream!! Yeah, I missed his first MLB homerun AND his inside the park homerun but I was there last night!! Plus, this broke my losing streak too!!
Maybe I'm not a jinx after all.

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Falling LEAVes said...

oh i am so glad you got that picture of Blake waving to the fans. I missed it cuz i was packing up and already put my camera away! Great game!! Great sweep! So, when do we play the Reds again? lol